Canton de Fermains


From the Rectory, along main road (Rue au Prêtre) and over the Camps du Moulin to the top of the Rue Jacque Guille, through the Ruette Rabey and down the Water Lane to Moulin Huet bay. From here by way of the cliffs to Fermain bay, up the lane, along the Route Sausmarez and back to the Rectory, taking in Les Blanches Pierre Lane. (see attached map)

22 Ville Amphré Fountain and drinking trough
23 Le Vallon (Fountain du Hurel) Pump and drinking trough The approach thereto must be kept in repair for the use of the public, by the Proprietor of La Vallon and his heirs, who also has in charge the maintenance of the Hurel hill. See ‘actes’ of the Royal Court, dated July 23 1828, March 24, 1829 and January 12,1832
24 Courtes Falaises Fountain and drinking trough
Petit Port Fountain on slipway No longer in existence!
Jerbourg Fountain Cocqerel, near gravel pits overlooking Petit Port No longer in existence!
Jerbourg (La Moye) Fountain No longer in existence!
Jerbourg (Mont au Nord) Fountain Ricquart No longer in existence!
29 La Bouvée Fountain and drinking trough
30 Calais (Gypsy lane) Fountains and drinking troughs
31 Le Varclin Fountain And approach
32 Les Maindonnaux Drinking trough


Other Property
Gate near the Cuckoo rock, one at the Courtes Falaises, and one at Le Mont Durand
Cliffs Proprietors of land bordering the cliff must keep the walls in repair.

NOTE: – A seat near the Cuckoo rock, overlooking Moulin Huet bay, belongs to and is maintained by the Propietors of Le Vallon, who has also to keep in repair the roadway between the Cuckoo-rock gate and that at the Coutres Falaises.