Parochial and Refuse Rates


The rates are levied annually covering the period from January to December and are payable once the Remèdes have been approved by the Royal Court.  Accounts are normally sent out in May.  The rates are based on the Tax on Real Property (TRP) areas as calculated by the Cadastre.

Parish Meetings to fix the Parochial and Refuse rates are normally held in April and November each year. The dates for the meetings will be advertised in the Gazette Officielle of the Guernsey Evening Press.

Parish Administration
Refuse Collection
B1.1Domestic (whole unit) Local Market11
B1.2Domestic (flat) Local Market11
B1.3Domestic (glasshouse) Local Market0.150
B1.4Domestic (outbuilding) Local Market0.50
B10.1Publicly owned non domestic3.50
B11.1Exempt (buildings)00
B2.1Domestic (whole unit) Open Market11
B2.2Domestic (flat) Open Market11
B2.3Domestic (glasshouse) Open Market0.150
B2.4Domestic (outbuildings) Open Market0.50
B3.1Domestic (whole unit) Social Housing11
B3.2Domestic (flat) Social Housing11
B3.3Domestic (glasshouse) Social Housing0.150
B3.4Domestic (outbuilding) Social Housing0.50
B4.1Hostelry and food Outlets1.50
B4.2Self-catering accommodation1.51
B4.3Motor and marine trades1.50
B4.4Retail (goods and services)3.50
B4.5Warehousing, storage facilities and hangars1.50
B4.6Industrial and workshops1.50
B4.7Recreational and sporting premises10
B4.8Garaging and parking (non domestic)1.50
B5.1Utility providers140
B6.1Office and ancillary accomodation (regulated finance industries)3.50
B6.2Office and ancillary accomodation (non regulated finance industries)3.50
B7.1Horticulture (buildings other than a glasshouse)0.10
B8.1Horticulture (glasshouse)0.10
B9.1Agriculture (buildings)0.10
L1.10Office and ancillary accommodation (regulated finance industries - land)0.250
L1.11Office and ancillary accommodation (non regulated finance industries - land)0.250
L1.12Utilities providers (land)0.250
L1.3Hostelry and food Outlets (land)0.250
L1.4Self-catering accommodation (land)0.250
L1.5Motor and marine trade (land)0.250
L1.6Retail (goods and services) (land)0.250
L1.7Warehousing, storage facilities and hangars (land)0.250
L1.8Industrial and workshop (land)0.250
L1.9Recreational and sporting (land)0.250
L2.1Approved development site (land)0.250
L3.1Domestic Local Market (land)0.250
L3.2Domestic Open Market (land)0.250
L3.3Horticulture (land)0.150
L3.4Agriculture (land)0.150
L3.6Publicly owned non domestic (land)0.250
L4.1Exempt (Land)00