Refuse Collection

A maximum of 2 black bin sacks may be put out each week, together with the relevant recycling sack(s), for which there is currently no limit.  It would be helpful to you, your neighbours and our contractor if residents of estates would park carefully, particularly at night to ensure that the contractor has access, remembering that if the contractor’s vehicle cannot gain access then neither can the Fire Brigade nor Ambulance Service.  We regret that if access is blocked then no collection will be made.

Please note that glass and other sharp objects must be carefully protected before being placed in bins or black sacks.  We request Parishioners not to use wheelie bins.

Listed below are Parish roads and the `Normal’ Refuse Collection Days. Refuse should be put out the night before the pick up day i.e. collection day Friday put bins/sacks out on Thursday night.

Refuse collections for Christmas week only

All collections will take place one day later than usual, so if you normally put your refuse out on a Monday evening for a Tuesday morning collection, you will need to put it out on Tuesday evening for Wednesday morning collection, and so on throughout the week.

Barrow CloseWednesday
Beaupre, Clos duTuesday
Bellieuse, LaTuesday
Becquet, LeThursday
Blanches, Route desWednesday
Blanches Pierres Lanes (Church end)Tuesday
Blanches Pierres Lanes (Fermain end)Friday
Blanchelande ParkThursday
Bon PortFriday
Bouvee, LaFriday
Burnt LaneTuesday
Caches, Clos desThursday
Caches, Rue desThursday
Caches, LesThursday
Calais LaneFriday
Calais RoadFriday
Cammus, La Rue auFriday
Camps, Route des (as far as Senners)Wednesday
Camps, Route des (Senners to traffic lights)Thursday
Camps du Moulin, LesTuesday
Cauchez, RueThursday
Chariot, RueFriday
Chemin le RoiThursday
Clos FallaizeFriday
Coin Colin, LeThursday
Corbinerie, La Rue de laThursday
Cornus, Route desThursday
Cotelle, RueWednesday
Courtillet, LeFriday
Courtes Fallaizes, LesFriday
Courtil es RougetWednesday
Coutures, Route desTuesday
Croute Lane, LaWednesday
Croutes, La Rue desWednesday
Douit de la PorteFriday
L’Eglise, Rue deTuesday
Escaliers, Rue desWednesday
Escaliers Pointues, LesWednesday
Falaise, Rue de laWednesday
Fermain LaneThursday
Forest RoadThursday
Fosses, la Ruette desWednesday
Frenes, Rue desTuesday
Frieteaux, LesThursday
Galliotte, ClosTuesday
Godaines, LesWednesday
Grands Jardins, LesThursday
Grande Rue, LaWednesday
Grande Rue, La (Les Merriennes to Carmel)Thursday
Grons, Rue desWednesday
Gros Jean, La RueFriday
Hartlebury EstateTuesday
Havilland ValeThursday
Hubits, LesThursday
Hubits de Haut, LesThursday
Hubits de Bas, LesThursday
Huriaux, LesThursday
Hurel, Rue duTuesday
Hurette, LaWednesday
Icart RoadTuesday
Jacques Guille, RueTuesday
Jehannet, RueTuesday
Jerbourg, Route deWednesday
La Fosse de HautTuesday
La Fosse de BasTuesday
Landes, Rue desThursday
Longue RueTuesday
Maindonnaux, LesThursday
Mare Denis, LaTuesday
Marette du HautWednesday
Marettes, Rue desWednesday
Martins, LesWednesday
Maze, La RueTuesday
Merriennes, LesWednesday
Milton GardensThursday
Mont Durand, LeFriday
Motte, LaTuesday
Motet, RueTuesday
Mouilpieds, LesThursday
Moulin, Clos DuTuesday
Moulin Huet, Rue duTuesday
Mourants, LesThursday
Moye Lane, LaFriday
Navet, La Ruette duTuesday
Oakmore DriveTuesday
Old Mill RoadTuesday
Pages, La Rue desWednesday
Petit Bot ValleyWednesday
Petit Bois, Clos duThursday
Petit Frappier, LeWednesday
Planque, LaThursday
Pompe, La Ruette de laThursday
Poudreuse, RueWednesday
Profonds Camps, LesTuesday
Quatre Vents, LesThursday
Querriere, RueTuesday
Quevillette, La Rue de LaThursday
Rebouquets, LesWednesday
Rocher, LeFriday
Ruettes BrayesWednesday
Ruette, LaWednesday
Ruette RabeyTuesday
Saints Bay RoadTuesday
Salines, LesWednesday
sans nom, rueThursday
Sausmarez, Route deThursday
Steam Mill Lanes (Hartlebury end)Tuesday
Steam Mill Lanes (Clos du Moulin end)Friday
St Peter’s ValleyFriday
Traudes, LesTuesday
Val au BourgFriday
Vallee, Rue de laFriday
Vallon, LeWednesday
Vara RoadTuesday
Varclin, LeFriday
Vauquiedor LeFriday
Varivaray, LeTuesday
Vaurioufs, LesThursday
Vaux du VarclinFriday
Verte Rue, LaThursday
Villette, Rue de laWednesday
Villette ApartmentsFriday
Ville Amphrey (main road)Tuesday
Ville Amphrey (Water Lane)Friday