Blooming Good Evening

pPatrick Symons reciting an OdeThis is the main fund raising event of the Parish Floral calendar and is held in The Parish Hall in late Spring. It has been held for the past 9 years and regularly raises in over £1,200 profit. For the past few years the catering has been almost solely undertaken by Cynthia Cormack and her husband Christopher and the 120 guests are treated to a veritable feast, as well as a fun quiz, huge raffle, auction and some form of entertainment – this year provided by the folk group GU10.
This year the 11th Blooming Good Evening will be held on Wednesday 25th April.




The Floral team spends about £12,000 each year on its various projects, the main expenses being for the Summer and Winter / Spring plants. These are bought in from local growers who have the expertise and the time that the floral volunteers don’t have !

Funding comes from a variety of sources such as annual grants from Floral Guernsey and St. Martin’s Douzaine and increasingly each year from our own efforts at fundraising, (like The blooming Good Evening) and from sponsorship of our many planters, donations and from car parking ‘fees’ on the 2nd Saturday in the month for 6 months at the Farmers’ Sausmarez Manor Farmers’ Market. (This last source of funding alone, raised £632, last year).

Douzenier Carolyn Elmy organising car parking