Canton de Hatenez


From the Rectory along the Rue Maze (including the Rue des Caches), Les Cornus and reaching out to the boundaries of the Canton des Hamelins on the one side, and the boundaries of St Andrew’s and the Forest on the other, to Petie Bôt Bay, returning by way of the Valley road (including Le Huret) to Les Pages, the Rue Cotelle, Le Clos au Barbier, Les Cornus and the Rue Maze (including La Longue Rue) to the Rectory. (see attached map)

8 Le Becquet Fountain
9 Les Mourants Drinking trough At junction of St Marin’s with St Andrew’s, cleaning and repairs shared by both parishes.
10 Mouilpied Fountain in small side lane
11 Les Pages Fountain in side lane
12 Les Pages Drinking trough At junction of roads below, with La Huret its boundary wall
Le Huret Fountain
13 Les Nicolles Fountain


Other Property
Les Pages In the Valley road, seven-teen paces of retaining frontage
Le Huret Left hand side, down, – FromMarksone-stone A at the West extremity of Mr Heaume’s wall to the bottom of La Fallaize road, and from Mark-stone B to the bay, excepting the property, with Cottage, near the Mill house.
Petit Bôt Valley Right hand side, down, – The small triangular enclosure bounded by, repectively, the Valley road, the lane leading up to Les Piéces and the south wall of Miss Brehaut’s Meadow; also from Mark-sone C to Mr Mansell’s garden at the Mill house.