Douzeniers – the Douzaine is made up of twelve parishioners who serve as Douzeniers for a maximum of 4 years in any one term.

Elections are held in November of each year and parishioners must be on the electoral role for St Martin to be eligible to vote.

Any person wishing to serve the parish as a Douzenier is asked to contact the Constables office for further information.

Ben Gregg Dean Ben Gregg Tel: 237000 email: Hamelins
Russell Clark Vice Dean Russell Clark Tel: 232852 email: Fermain
Douzenier Phil Merrien Tel: 236831 email: Bon Port
Douzenier Howard Mauger Tel: 07781 135691 email: Hatenez
Douzenier Robert Sillars Tel: 238199 email: Bon Port
Richard Marquis Douzenier Richard Marquis Tel: o7781 106733 email: Bon Port
Douzenier Dave Beausire Tel: 237878 email: Fermain
Carla Bauer Douzenier Carla Bauer Tel: 235966 email: Fermain
Laurence Hill Tout Douzenier Laurence Hill-Tout Tel: 07781 427747 email: Hatenez
Douzenier Peter Dorey Tel: 235845 email: Hamelins
John Bamford Douzenier John Bamford Tel: 232604 email: Hamelins