Floral Committee

Coffee break at the Croix Guèrin CaféFloral Committee Members:



The organisation and much of the work undertaken by the St. Martin’s Floral Team is done by the Committee of a dozen people who meet frequently for various social events as well as to get things done (around the coffee breaks !).

Their busiest times are the Summer and Autumn plant- ing (in May and October) and watering and deadheading throughout the Summer.
The tasks are varied including running the SE Parishes Businesses Floral Competition, the Blooming Good Evening and other fund raising events, writing thousands of letters encouraging parishioners and businesses to contribute to our funds, paper work involved with the various floral competitions, liaising with the School, PTA and other groups – eg. churches, Scouts etc. letting the local media (Guernsey Press, BBC TV and Channel ITV) know what we are doing, and so on