Hedges, Streams and Property Maintenance


Hedges – Hedges and banks bordering a public road must be cut back between 1 and 15 June and between 15 and 30 September each year so that they do not overhang. Over a footpath (green lane) hedges/trees and banks need to be cut back to a height of 8ft and over the road and pavement to a height of 12ft. All cuttings and trimmings from hedges and banks must be immediately cleared. The hedges are then inspected by the Douzaine. Property owners with uncut hedges following re-inspection may be reported to H M Procureur for prosecution.

Streams – Most of the streams in the Island are inspected twice a year (during the same periods as the hedge inspections). Owners must, therefore, ensure that streams are free from over-grown vegetation and that the water can run freely. Following inspection, property owners with un-cleaned streams will be reported to the Public Services Department who will take further action.

Quarries – These must be adequately fenced to ensure that they are not a danger to the public.  The Constables inspect the boundaries each year.  A report is made to the Court of Chief Pleas in October.

Barbed Wire – This must be at a height of at least 6 feet from the road surface when it borders a public place.

Cisterns – These must be covered or fenced in such a manner as to prevent any person or animal from falling in accidentally.