Renovation of La Fosse Abreuveur

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Work to this Abreuveur commenced in March of this year (2011) and the stonemasons left the site at the end of April.

Taking into account the fact that this is not meant to be a pristine garden but a working watering place, a team of volunteers have shovelled away the accumulation of silt and dug out a number of large weeds such as Hogweed and nettles.

We have now, at the middle of May completed our planting of the site and here we have tried only to include plants which are synonymous with Guernsey. Evergreen Honeysuckle, Ivy and Briar Roses have been planted on one side to help hide an ugly chain link fence; and Hydrangeas, Foxgloves, Ferns and more Briar Roses have been planted on the other side.

We will now continue to manage the Abreuveur, always trying to avoid over management.

Finally a sign, giving all relevant information to visitors has been placed nearby. If you are in the vicinity, please pay a visit and see part of the history of the Parish reconstructed, as best as we know how.

Gerry Tattersall

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