In addition to the 10 members of the St. Martin’s Floral Committee, there are also many other volunteer helpers – ‘General helpers’, ‘Waterers’, ‘Litter Picker “Wombles”’, and ‘Dead- headers. Some of these people undertake more than one of these of these tasks.

Volunteers collecting plants from Des Marettes Nursery ready for Summer planting


For most of the work we do, we wear special yellow hi-viz jackets with “Parish Volunteer” written on the back. This makes us far more visible when working on busy streets and stops visitors thinking we are doing Community Service! We are also more visible to the community at large, and this has resulted in other parishioners wanting to know how they can also join in to help.
In the summer, these teams of 2 or 3 people, go out three times a week to water plants, mainly in the planters. Increasingly we are using special automated irrigation drip feed and ‘soak’ systems in the planters and this is easing the burden on the watering teams. The waterers tend to go out early in the morning to avoid causing congestion along the busy Grande Rue and Rue Maze roads.
Litter Picker “Wobbles”
Some 30 people, led by Committee Member Peter Baker, collect litter from almost all the roads, and even cliff paths, in the parish. They do this in their own time.
This group is led by Sally Martin and provides a valuable service by removing the dead heads from the summer bedding plants (mostly in the numerous planters). This task allows the plants to produce new flowers, rather than letting them go to seed.

Parish Hall gardener – John Garnham, and his wife Marilyn, also help with emptying the special Parish rubbish bins and collecting any fly tipping that might occur. Special ‘dog-poo’ litter bins are also emptied.


Coffee Break

Parish floral volunteers having a coffeebreak at La Croix Guerin Café.

Floral volunteers are always wanted.
Please lend a hand, even for a few hours.
Please go to contacts for who to get in touch with should
you wish to help keep St martins looking