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Welcome to our parish


The Parish office will only be opened on a Monday and Friday morning 9-10am during August

For any issues email as they will be monitored daily.


The Constables, Douzeniers and staff of St Martin's parish, welcome you to this website.

We hope to provide you with useful and interesting information concerning the parish activities and our community, local services and regulation.  We value your support and input in maintaining and improving the parish, so please feel free to contact us.

Do you have something to contribute to the parish?
If so then please send us a message.

The Douzaine consist of twelve parishioners who are each elected for a four year term, and are responsible for looking after their allocation of the parish (canton)

Hire the Parish Hall!

Did you know that you can hire the Parish Hall for public and domestic functions such as a wedding reception or anniversary party?



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