14 La Villette Fountain with pump, drinking trough (and plantation)
15 Rue d’Icart (Le Navet) Two fountains and drinking trough  
16 Saints Fountain and drinking trough Top of the valley
  Bon Port (Douit és Tardifs) Drinking trough No longer in existence!
18 La Fosse Fountain and drinking trough Near chapel
19 La Fosse (Ruette á l’Eau) Drinking trough  
20 La Fosse (Rue Jacques Guille) Drinking trough  
21 Moullin Huet Valley (le Rocquet) Two fountains The lower on an abreuveur for cattle


Other Property
  La Falaise Road Hedges etc (both sides) from junction with the Valley road up to La Falaise: right hand side, to the Red gate; left hand side, to the gully opposite.
  Icart (Saints bay side) Pathway leading to gate by Miss Hope’s house
  Saints Waterway on opposite side of road
  Saints Roadway leading to the harbour
  Moulin Huet Valley Hedges, etc, from the Quarry to the lower end of Les Pendants.
  Moulin Huet Cliffs (Special), – By contract with plan, under date of May 4th 1916, the upkeep of the pathway and the steps in the cliff overlooking the Picnic houses is shared equally by Messrs G de Carteret and A I Le Patrourel and their heirs on one side, and the parish on the other side. Gate at La Falaise, Iart, La marcherie, Saints bay road, and Le Val au bourg.
  Cliffs Proprietors of land bordering the cliff must keep the walls in repair.