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Parish Information

St Martins parish is in the southeast of Guernsey with the stunning south coastline of cliffs and bays that attracts walkers both visitors and locals alike.

It is one of ten parishes in the island that was formed it is believed in the 11th century as religious areas with each having its own church which to this day is maintained by the ratepayers of the parish. 

There are two elected Constables who operate the day to day of the parish with a Douzaine who act as a board of a company overseeing the parish and its workings.

Elections are held every November to elect people to the position of Douzaine and Constable in a rotation basis for continuity. The head of the Douzaine is the Dean who in St Martins is the longest serving member of the Douzaine. You must be resident in the parish and on the electoral role to stand for either position.

Responsibilities of the parish are:

  • Collecting parish rates
  • To check roadside hedges are trimmed twice yearly
  • To check streams are free flowing
  • To keep clear parish owned Abreveurs
  • To arrange refuse collection and recycling
  • Issue of dog licences and collecting dog tax
  • Managing parish boat moorings in two bays
  • To check and advise on licenced, entertaining and betting establishments
  • To sign and approve body retained in the mortuary for an extended period

Hire the Parish Hall!

Did you know that you can hire the Parish Hall for public and domestic functions such as a wedding reception or anniversary party?



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